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About Kass Maher Inc.

Canadian design, with an international flair. Kass Maher Inc. may have been born in Waterloo, but its impact stands to be worldwide as a boutique, e-commerce clothing and apparel company. Each of our original designs captures the interplay of North American and European street culture, art, and music with fashion. More than just a streetwear brand, Kass Maher Inc. respires new life into classic styles that are meant to enhance your wardrobe and overall lifestyle.


At Kass Maher Inc., the essence of our mission is to ensure that our customers feel and look their best for any occasion. Each garment is thoughtfully designed, and expertly crafted to produce the superior quality our customers have come to expect.



The Kass Maher brand is on a mission to amplify the voice of the rebellious creator, who in the face of defying all obstacles stays true, remains patient, and focuses on their vision

Love verb.

Sprinkle a little love everywhere you go regardless of the circumstance. There's always love to give and love to receive.


Our mission is to use our devotion and years of experience in fashion to offer an elevated experience that is unique to our brand and customer.


Listen verb.

To hear something with thoughtful attention: give consideration.

Listen to your soul as it will always steer your heart and mind in the right direction. 


Our mission is to listen to the heart and soul of our brand, to remain true to our core pillars and principles. 


Wait verb.

Remain patient with yourself. Your purpose will reveal itself in time, at the right time.


Our mission is to design with patience and forethought in mind, to deliver high-end garments for your everyday life.


Our brand is inspired by three pillars shared by my beloved sister, Mona: Love, Listen, Wait.  Each of these pillars represents an action that we are all called to ascribe to when creating something beautiful, when creating something meaningful, and when living in our purpose.  The patience, diligence, and care one must possess to move through each of these actions is what we pride ourselves on at Kass Maher Inc.  It is through each of these actions that we deliver our mission to create a luxury experience as we reimage classic styles with a modern edge. 

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