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My Story

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


I want to start by introducing myself. My name is Kass Maher, and I originate from the beautiful country of Eritrea. Growing up was difficult and challenging for me. Being raised by a single mother and my two older sisters, I learned to be self-reliant and independent early in life. At the age of four, our family got the opportunity to travel to Canada to start a new life.


 As a young black child landing in Canada, I was overwhelmed by the difference in culture, nature, and people. This cultural shock was both unforgettable and isolating. I did my best to fit in with sports and activities in school; however, I never found a comfortable place in my new home country. My escape from the hardships and changes in my life become clothing and fashion.


As I grew up, my passion for fashion became much greater. I developed a keen eye for the details and intricacies of fashion design. At that moment, I decided that no matter what, I would make my vision of being a fashion designer become my reality. I dedicated my career and life to mastering my craft. My mission took me across the world from China, where I learned about product development, design, sourcing, and manufacturing, to the United Kingdom to immerse myself in European culture and witness how the UK's diverse cultures influenced European and English fashion. 


My brand is born out of my love for fashion, but most importantly, my love for my sister Mona. I dedicate all my work to my late and beautiful sister Mona. She was my inspiration growing up and my support to continue my dream. Sadly, she passed away from Covid-19 on April 11, 2020, leaving her husband and five beautiful children.


I have made it my mission and the mission of this company to honour her vision in life-- to stand with what is right and to stand against what is wrong.  


With this in mind, I'll leave you with one of her last words: Love, Listen, Wait. 

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