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Privacy & Safety​

Customer commitment to data protection and privacy
Protecting personal data and your privacy is of greatest concern for the Kass Maher Inc Group. In this Privacy Notice we want to give a clear, concise, and transparent communication on the collection, use, processing, storing, etc. of personal data relating to customers of the Kass Maher Inc Group.

Within the meaning of this Privacy Notice “customer of Kass Maher Inc” means former, current and potential customer or user of a product or service offered by an Kass Maher Inc Group affiliate or brand, visitors to one of our official websites or stores, member of a loyalty program or community.


The Kass Maher Inc Group manifests its commitment to privacy and data protection by embracing the following principles.

Kass Maher Inc uses personal data lawfully, fairly, correctly and in a transparent manner.
Kass Maher Inc collects no more personal data than necessary, and only for a legitimate purpose.

Kass Maher Inc retains no more data than necessary or for a longer period than needed.
Kass Maher Inc protects personal data with appropriate security measures.

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