Losing a loved one can leave behind a gaping emotional wound.  The death of someone you love is among life’s most painful events, but I want you to know you don’t have to struggle alone.  It took the death of my sister Mona to be awakened. Loosing her made me look at myself and this world from a totally new perspective.  Life is short!!!

The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within,  I was fragile and all over the place like scattered glass. I was lost for words and direction for months and months but her tremendous faith and love for the Lord is what kept and still keeps me me going till this day.

I made Mona a promise of starting my own clothing line someday. What better way of starting & naming my brand in her memory. It brings a smile to my heart which allows me to keep pushing everyday.

Mona stood strong for Equality & Justice, a strong advocate for orphans and refugees. I promise to stand tall and  be forthright to keep her vision and dreams alive…

I reached out to one of her closest friend and I asked her… What did Mona represent to you?

Mona was not just my closest friend but a sister to me. A part of me. The friend who always wanted the best for me, who put me before her. The friend who would melt my heart with her conversations and laughter.

Mona had a special gift, she could make others feel valued and seen. She shone bright for all those around her and embraced them with her warmth and grace. Like sunshine, she spread her care and love where it was needed and lit up everyones lives. Nothing was impossible for my beloved friend. With a chuckle and a smile, she’d put right many wrongs, address what others were afraid of and showered us with her words of wisdom. Her strength came from her unshakeable faith in her Lord, her belief in his Mercy and Compassion for all. What held her up was her family. The love of her life,her husband. Her children Shayma, Hamza, Asmaa, Nidaa and Walaa. All who carry pieces of her, like a rainbow, all different colours but as one they represent her Mona.