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The Full Story

Thank you for joining me on this Journey.

I want to start by introducing myself. My name is Kass Maher, I originate from the beautiful Eritrea.  Growing up was difficult and challenging for me.  Being raised by a single mother and two older sisters taught me to be self-reliant and independent.  At the age of 4, our family got the opportunity to travel to Canada for a new life. 


The culture shock of arriving in Montreal was unforgettable and isolating. As a young Black child landing in Canada, my eyes were overwhelmed with the difference in culture, nature and people. I did my best to fit in with sport and activities in school, however it was difficult to fit in. My escape from the hardships and changes in my life become clothing and fashion.


As I grew up, I developed a keen eye for detail and intricacy in clothing and fashion. As I got older my passion for fashion grew. I then decided that no matter what I will make my vision a reality. I dedicated major parts of my life to mastering my craft. My mission took me across the world, from China, to learn product development, design, sourcing and manufacturing, all the way to the UK to immerse myself in the different fashions and how they’re influenced by certain cultures.

Finally, I am dedicating all my work to my late and beautiful Sister Mona. She was my inspiration growing up and my support to continue my dream. She sadly lost her life to Covid-19 on April 11th 2020. Leaving her husband and 5 beautiful children.

Here's a small snippet of the type of person Mona was.


I have made it my mission and the mission of this company to honour her vision in life. To Stand with whats right and stand against what's wrong.

I want to thank you for your time. 

I'll leave you with one of her last words.




Yours Truly,


                          Kass Maher

                          Founder/Creative Designer

                          Kass Maher INC.